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Manitoba Hydro, the fourth largest Canadian electric utility, has obtained the exclusive rights to an innovative technology that will allow the Corporation to bring increased capabilities and enhanced quality of service to many of its agricultural, commercial, and industrial customers.

In signing a long-term distribution agreement with Precise Power Corporation, Manitoba Hydro has obtained the Canadian distribution rights for a family of electric motors and power protection products based on Written-Pole® technology. Precise Power Corporation, a Florida-based company, holds numerous patents related to the use and application of this revolutionary technology.

In conjunction with the signing of this agreement, Manitoba Hydro has created a wholly owned subsidiary, Meridium Power, Inc., to facilitate the introduction of Written-Pole® brand products and related services into the Canadian market.

Manitoba Hydro has played an important role in the development of many Written-Pole® brand products, including the world’s largest single-phase motors capable of operating loads up to 60 horsepower. This capability eliminates the need for three-phase power for many rural motive power applications including irrigation pumps, grain dryers, aeration fans, and oil wells, dramatically reducing the cost of providing service for both the customer and the utility.

The benefits of Written-Pole® motors include high operating efficiency for reduced operating costs, unity power factor for reduced demand costs, low starting current for reduced voltage flicker and increased reliability due to lower operating temperatures. These characteristics also extend to a line of three-phase motors, which are currently under development for large industrial applications.

A family of power protection products, based on Written-Pole® technology, provides a battery-free solution to customers requiring power conditioning and protection from momentary power interruptions and full-scale utility outages. This revolutionary approach stores energy in a low speed flywheel, eliminating the need for batteries. The result is a rugged dependable power protection system, which isolates sensitive loads from disturbances on utility lines without the ongoing concerns over performance degradation, periodic replacement of batteries, and maintenance of conventional battery based systems.