Energy Efficient

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Electric motors incorporating Written-Pole® technology offer many advantages when compared to conventional single and three-phase electric motors. Written-Pole® technology provides motor designers with the ability to optimize the starting characteristics of an electric motor without sacrificing operating efficiency.

This unique capability allows Written-Pole®  motors to offer many desirable characteristics, including:

Low Starting Current for reduced voltage sags on both customer and utility distribution systems, while increasing the horsepower rating of electric motors that may be started and operated on these distribution system.

Energy Efficient, Unity Power Factor Operation for reduced energy and demand bills when compared to conventional single and three-phase electric motors while reducing the demand on electrical distribution equipment.High Voltage Tolerance for improved operating efficiency and reliability when operating on weak distribution systems with fluctuating voltage and phase voltage unbalance.

Simple Rugged Design eliminates the need for reduced voltage starters, phase converters (single-phase applications) and harmonics generating power electronics conversion devices lessening installation complexity and frequency of ongoing maintenance.

Low Operating Temperature resulting from energy efficient design for improved long-term reliability of bearings and motor windings.

High Inertia Starting Capability enables Written-Pole® motors to start loads with inertia several times that recommended for conventional electric motors of similar ratings eliminating the need for over-sizing and resulting operating inefficiencies.

Instantaneous Restart Capability enables Written-Pole ® motors to ride through momentary power interruptions and restart immediately upon restoration of utility power without inducing large torque transients that may damage the motor or driven equipment.

Written-Pole® motors are available in a variety of configurations designed to address difficult motive power applications ranging from large horsepower single-phase installations to power quality sensitive industrial applications. Manufactured by precise Power Corporation and distributed in Canada by Meridium Power Inc., Written-Pole® motors are protected by numerous U.S. and International patents.

Written-Pole® is a registered trademark of Precise Power Corporation.