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Meridium Power Inc. is introducing Canadian users to a new breed of power protection.  Designed to handle the most rugged environments, using technologies and materials familiar to service organizations across the country, Written-Pole power protection systems are designed to reduce the complexity of power protection installations, while increasing performance and reliability.

Once the domain of computer centers and telecommunications facilities, the need for power protection equipment is expanding to include all segments of business from small commercial enterprises to large industrial plants.  When properly applied, power protection equipment can provide significant economic returns for its users by preventing equipment damage and production losses resulting from disturbances and interruptions on utility supply.

The application of Written-Pole technology allows designers to manufacture a simple, rugged generator capable of regulating the output frequency and voltage at its source, rather than relying on external devices for regulation.  This unique capability allows Written-Pole generators to maintain constant frequency output as the speed of the generator varies eliminating the need for power conversion devices used in conventional UPS equipment.  When combined with a Written-Pole drive motor and integral flywheel, this innovative generator forms the basis for Written-Pole power protection systems.

Written-Pole power protection systems are available in a variety of sizes and configurations designed to meet specific power protection needs.  Basic systems, like the Roesel Motor GeneratorTM are intended for power conditioning and glitch protection applications while more elaborate systems like the Intelligent Power SystemTM add outage protection, along with distributed generation, and peak demand shaving capabilities.

Benefits of Written-Pole Power Protection Systems

Many facilities do not provide the basic requirements that conventional battery-based power protection systems need to perform reliably.  Clean well-ventilated space with air conditioning equipment, a requirement for reliable battery installations, is usually at a premium in most facilities.  Power conversion electronics used by UPS manufacturers not only generate, but are also susceptible to high levels of harmonics common in many facilities, decreasing reliability and performance.


Battery-Free Design

Written-Pole power protection systems eliminate the need for batteries by using a low-speed flywheel for energy storage.  The short and long-term benefits of this approach include improved performance, increased equipment life, reduced maintenance costs, lower infrastructure costs, and most importantly, consistent performance without the need for periodic battery replacements.  Eliminating batteries also alleviates environmental concerns related to the disposal of spent batteries.

The performance of battery based systems is highly dependent on their environmental surroundings.  Deviation from room temperature significantly decreases battery performance and life, while exposure to dust, grime and other contaminants dramatically accelerates terminal corrosion.  The low-speed flywheel used in Written-Pole systems provides consistent performance over a wide range of ambient temperatures and is unaffected by the dust and grime found in many industrial applications.

Enhanced Performance

The application of Written-Pole technology allows engineers to design a power protection system which does not required conventional UPS power conversion electronics for frequency and voltage regulation.  As a result, Written-Pole power protection systems generate significantly fewer harmonics than conventional battery or flywheel based systems.  The reduction in input harmonics reduces the possibility of interactions with other equipment on the supply distribution, while the lower output harmonics provide for improved operation of protected equipment.  Since Written-Pole generators have lower impedance than conventional power electronic devices, protected circuits will experience lower levels of voltage distortion when supporting high concentrations of non-linear load.

The motor generator concept used in Written-Pole power protection equipment delivers the ultimate in electrical isolation by providing an isolated generation source for sensitive equipment, preventing the migration of sags, surges, and transients from the utility grid to protected loads.  The design also prevents harmonics generated by protected loads from interacting with other equipment on the distribution system.

Single-Footprint Solution

The single-footprint concept of the Intelligent Power SystemTM combines all aspects of power protection including power conditioning, electrical isolation, glitch protection, and outage protection into a single package, simplifying installation and saving both time and money.  This feature is of particular value in remote installations where the pre-packaged, single-footprint design offers significant cost savings.

Improved System Reliability

Eliminating the need for batteries and UPS power conversion electronics enhances system reliability and decreases maintenance requirements.  The copper in – copper out approach used in Written-Pole power protection systems yields a simple rugged system designed to withstand the day to day rigors of operating on utility networks subject to frequent sags, surges, and transients.

 The distribution friendly design allows the Roesel Motor GeneratorTM to interface with conventional standby power plants and transfer switches, alleviating concerns about interactions between convention UPS systems and standby power plants.  The simple design of the Intelligent Power SystemTM guarantees the availability of cranking power in the event of a utility outage further enhancing reliability.

Reduced Infrastructure Costs

The integrated design of Written-Pole power protection equipment reduces infrastructure costs for space, air-conditioning, and electrical distribution.  The ability to operate effectively over a wide range of ambient conditions reduces the need for conditioned space and increases available siting options.  The distribution friendly design reduces distribution costs by eliminating the generation of disruptive harmonics, reducing or eliminating transfer switch costs, and simplifying installation.

Longer Life and Reduced Maintenance Costs

Since Written-Pole power protection systems eliminate the need for batteries, there is no ongoing expense for periodic battery replacements.  The low-speed flywheel also reduces the complexity of the bearing installation and increases bearing life when compared to high-speed flywheel designs.  The bearing design is optimized for long life and convenient servicing minimizing downtime for bearing changes.  The copper in – copper out construction used in Written-Pole power protection systems is a proven concept similar to that used in premium grade electric motors and generators ensuring a long life and resistance to damage from sags, surges, and transients.