Energy Efficient, Unity Power Factor

This unique capability allows Written-Pole® motors to offer many desirable characteristics, including:

Low Starting Current

Reduced voltage sags on both customer and utility distribution systems, while increasing the horsepower

Voltage Tolerance

Simple Rugged Design eliminates the need for reduced voltage starters, phase converters

Instantaneous Restart

Written-Pole ® motors to ride through momentary power interruptions and restart immediately upon restoration

Advantages of Written-Pole® Single-Phase Motors

Written-Pole® single-phase motors are true single-phase motors that do not require phase converters to operate on a single-phase service. The motor’s capacitor start/run design is similar in concept to conventional single-phase motors, however the innovative use of Written-Pole® technology allow for dramatically reduced starting currents and increased operating efficiencies compared to conventional single-phase motors.

Low Starting Current

Written-Pole® single-phase motors exhibit starting current requirements comparable to conventional single-phase motors one-fourth their size. This feature reduces annoying voltage sags when starting without requiring users to install complex reduced voltage starters.

Their low starting current dramatically enhances the capability of a single-phase service to support much larger motors than previously thought possible, eliminating the need for costly three-phase service extensions.

Starting and Running Current Comparison
230 Volt Single-Phase

The technology used in Written-Pole® single-phase motors represents a significant leap forward in single-phase motor design. Their energy efficient, unity power factor operation reduce utility bills, while decreasing the electrical load on distribution wiring, transformers, and starting contactors.